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Indian Minister Announces Plans to cure homosexuals with training & medicines

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An Indian state minister has sparked criticism after he announced plans to open treatment centre for the LGBT community to ‘make them normal’, comparing homosexuals to alcoholics.
According to Hindustan times, Ramesh Tawadkar, Goa’s minister for sport and youth, said the government in the popular tourist resort would “cure” homosexuals with ‘training and medicines.
He said:

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19-year-old Indian girl stoned to death by her family because she fell in-love with a boy (Photos)

girl stoned to death by family | ozara gossip

Father & brother (right)

Pratibha Khan, 19-year-old Indian teenage girl, (picture left above) was stoned to death by her father and brother as they claimed she had brought “dishonour” to their family by dating a young boy from another village.

The boyfriend – Pratibha Khan was also strangled before her body was cruelly dumped in a field.The battered remains of the 19-year-old, whose face had been “smashed beyond recognition”, were found close to her home in the north of India. Read the rest of this entry

Woman Carrying Baby in Handbag for fun

Woman Carrying Baby in Handbag | ozara gossip

We’ve seen and heard of people carrying their cute little dogs in handbags. But carrying a baby in a handbag? na wao!

Apparently, a 26-year-old Chinese mother, Xue Hsueh, thought it would be a great idea to carry her nine-month-old son in her designer bag, and take a picture. She subsequently posted it online, Read the rest of this entry

OMG: AirAsia plane carrying 153 people overshoots runway in Philippines

AirAsia plane in Philippines | ozara gossip

At this time you may want to ask …what is not going at AirAsia as another one of their plane carrying 153 passengers, overshot the runway at an airport in the Philippines today December 30th, just two days after an AirAsia airliner carrying 163 people plunged into the sea and disappeared. This has caused passengers to disembark the aircraft on emergency slides. Read the rest of this entry

AirAsia flight carrying 162 passengers from Indonesia to Singapore goes missing

AirAsia flight missing | ozara gossip

Breaking News: An AirAsia flight carrying 162 passengers – 155 passengers, two pilots, four flight attendants and one engineer, which took off from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia and bound for Singapore, lost contact with air traffic control about two hours after take-off, while flying over the Java Sea. Read the rest of this entry

North Korea Loses it’s Internet access after threats to bomb the “White House”

North Korea Loses it's Internet after threats to bomb the "White House" | ozara gossip

North Korea’s link to the internet was broken yesterday Monday 22nd Dec. 2914. This happened a day after they threatened to bomb the white house over a movie titled “The Interview,” according to NY Times.

A Strange thing happened to North Korea’s already tenuous link to the Internet on Monday: It broke. While perhaps a coincidence, the failure of the country’s computer connections began only hours after President Obama declared Friday that the United States would launch a “proportional response” to what he termed an act of “cybervandalism” against Sony Pictures. Read the rest of this entry

Hong Kong protesters strike back, retakes Mong Kok camp from police

Photos: Hong Kong protesters retakes Mong Kok camp from police | ozara gossip

According to reports from AP news agency – Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have retaken streets in the Mong Kok district cleared by the authorities just a few hours earlier. Some 9,000 protesters pushed back riot police, managing to retake territory south of a major intersection. Read the rest of this entry

Murder: Second Burmese worker confesses to killing British lovers, at “Thailand beach”

Thailand beach murders: Second Burmese worker confesses to killing British backpackers | ozara gossip

A local barman, reportedly told police he had “become aroused” and decided to rape Hannah Witheridge then kill both her and companion David Miller. Police in Thailand said today that “after being interrogated” the two Burmese men had admitted to the horrific killings on the paradise island of Koh Tao. Read the rest of this entry

Two British tourists, raped and murdered in Thai Beach, “Koh Tao island”

British tourists, woman raped and murdered in Thai Beach | ozara gossip

A British Man and his Partner, 24-year-old man from Jersey and 23-year-old woman from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, who where on holiday in southern Thailand, where attacked and murdered with “digging tools” in the early hours of Sunday night, after the woman was raped by their killers. Read the rest of this entry

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