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Bridegroom dies in an accident on his way going for introduction in Ebonyi State

terrible accident | ozara gossip

While people were busy celebrating love last Valentine’s Day, a family somewhere in Ebonyi State was suddenly overtaken by grief over what would have been the beginning of a beautiful love story between their daughter and the man she was bringing home for introduction. Read the rest of this entry

Fatal accident on Third Mainland Bridge

accident on Third Mainland Bridge | ozara gossip

A terrible accident occurred this afternoon on Third Mainland bridge which left at least two people dead. According to eye witnesses, 3 vehicles were involved in the collision. The accident is currently causing traffic both ways.

7-year-old girl survives plane crash, all family members on board dead (Photos)

ozara gossip: 7-year-old girl suvives plane crash This is the first photo of the 7 year old girl who survived a plane crashed which kill all family members on board .She is now being looked after by her grandparents – as incredible details of how she found help emerged. The seven-year-old used survival skills passed down by her father in order to trek through thick woodland looking for help. Read the rest of this entry

So Sad! Veronica J. Rutledge shot dead by her 2 year old son at a Walmart electronics

Veronica J. Rutledge shot dead | ozara gossip

According to Police report, Veronica J. Rutledge, 29-year-old woman was shot dead by her 2-year-old son while they shopped on Tuesday morning, with her four children at a Walmart electronics department. The boy was seated in a shopping cart when he reached into his mother’s purse, accessed the concealed gun and opened fire. Read the rest of this entry

OMG: AirAsia plane carrying 153 people overshoots runway in Philippines

AirAsia plane in Philippines | ozara gossip

At this time you may want to ask …what is not going at AirAsia as another one of their plane carrying 153 passengers, overshot the runway at an airport in the Philippines today December 30th, just two days after an AirAsia airliner carrying 163 people plunged into the sea and disappeared. This has caused passengers to disembark the aircraft on emergency slides. Read the rest of this entry

AirAsia flight carrying 162 passengers from Indonesia to Singapore goes missing

AirAsia flight missing | ozara gossip

Breaking News: An AirAsia flight carrying 162 passengers – 155 passengers, two pilots, four flight attendants and one engineer, which took off from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia and bound for Singapore, lost contact with air traffic control about two hours after take-off, while flying over the Java Sea. Read the rest of this entry

List of 54 Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death (PHOTO)

List of 54 Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death | ozara gossip

Witch or..? Bird allegedy turns into woman! at Oshodi, Lagos.

Bird allegedy turns into woman

According to Twitter user, @davidTheGear, a few minutes ago at Oshodi, a bird fell from a high tension wire and landed on the ground and turned into a woman. The woman that the bird supposedly turned into had most of her skin peeled. Photo above. Can this be explained other than she’s a witch? Read the rest of this entry

First South African Gay-friendly Mosque, Mysteriously Gutted by Fire!

South African Gay-friendly Mosque, ozara gossip

South Africa’s first gay-friendly church called the “Open Mosque,” which the authorities in Cape Town, where the mosque is located, were planning on shutting down Last month, over allegations that the building violated some city planning regulations. Read the rest of this entry

4 People dead, 1 missing as boat capsizes in Lagos

boat capsizes in Lagos | ozara gossip

Barely a month after a speeding boat capsized in Bayeku area of Ikorodu leaving many dead, another speedy boat belonging to Oke’ra-Nla Boat Association in Ajah area of Lagos, weekend capsized leaving four persons dead while one is still missing at press time. Read the rest of this entry

Watch The Video, When The Synagogue Church was Collapsing

A CCTV Camera at Ikotun area, Lagos State, caught a ‘Video’ which shows how the incident happened, time and the activities that took place around the building, before it collapsed. all details in audio speech by “Emmanuel TV” Read the rest of this entry

Doctors replaces part of a Chinese man’s crushed head with 3D printed titanium skull

Man Whose Head Was Crushed In An Accident Gets 3D Printed Titanium Skull | ozara gossip

A 46-year-old man, Hu who lives in a town near Xi’an, China got a part of his head replaced with 3D printed titanium mesh, in a surgery that was one of the first of its kind. The 3D printed titanium mesh was molded to perfectly restore the part of his skull, after he got his head smashed in an accident, in October, 2013. where he was working on a construction project when he fell from a three stories building and smashed his head on a pile of wood. Read the rest of this entry

70 People Missing as Ferry Sinks in Phillipines

70 Peple Missing as Ferry Sinks in Phillipines - ozara gossip

A ferry sank off the central island of Leyte in the Philippines on Saturday evening in the midst of bad weather. At least 84 people were on the ferry. However, 14 have been rescued so far, and 70 are missing, Yahoo News reports.

Rescue operations are still ongoing. Read the rest of this entry

Synagogue Church Building Ikotun, Lagos has Collapsed, Over 15 bodies recovered

Synagogue Church of all nation Building has Collapsed | ozara gossip

One of the buildings at Pastor TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations Headquarters,Ikotun, Lagos has collapsed. Some witnesses say it’s the building which houses foreigners seeking healing. Many are said to be dead and some trapped .
According to The Nation over 15 bodies have been recovered. Read the rest of this entry

Animal charity home hit by arson attack in which 53 dogs died, overwhelmed with food donations as £750,000 is pledged online

Animal charity hit by arson attack in which 53 dogs died | ozara gossip

Extraordinary amounts of donated food, beds and blankets are piling up for survivors of an alleged arson attack that ripped through one of Britain’s largest dog homes and killed 43 animals. Shocking aerial pictures today reveal the damage caused after a teenager allegedly torched Manchester Dogs’ Home last night. Read the rest of this entry

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