Business woman murdered while with her 2-month old baby in Bauchi

Business woman murdered while with her 2-month old baby in Bauchi | ozara gossip

Mrs Lawrencia Onunkwo, 39-year-old mother of four kids, was killed on Monday, October 13, 2014 by gunmen. She was shot twice on the chest inside her car, at the front of her house while she was about driving into her compound with her two-month-old baby.

The deceased and her husband, Mr. Leonard Onunkwo, a dealer in building materials, waited for 12 years after their last child before they had Moses. They had earlier had three children.Mrs. Beatrice Ibe, a close friend of the family, recalled that Lawrencia was in a vivacious mood, as preparation was in top gear for the dedication of Moses.

The older woman, who is like a mother to the deceased told the Sun

We fixed the second Sunday of November, that is 9th, for the dedication of Moses at Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church, Fadama Mada parish, and she was excited about it. She called to inform me that she had booked for the reception at Chaba Hotel and we made arrangement for cooking, only to hear the news that she was killed. It is sad.

Her death threw the Igbo community in Bauchi into deep sorrow. The sympathisers are mostly Igbo traders that had been living in Bauchi for many years. They gathered at the compound of Chief Ibe, as the news of his wife’s death spread the next day.

Many questions bothered their minds. Was it the work of assassins or armed robbers? Was her murder motivated by envy? Was she cut short by her competitors? The faded ash coloured Opel that Lawrencia drove on that fateful day was parked in Chief Ibe’s compound, with two bullet holes, which penetrated the windscreen and snuffed life out of her.
Inside the car, stains of blood, shoes, and some currency notes confronted sympathisers. And now, the question on every lip is, will the police ever find her killers and bring them to justice?

But the spokesman of the Bauchi State Police Command, who disclosed that the businesswoman was killed by armed robbers, has given assurance that Lawrencia’s killers would not go scot-free.He said:

At the point of entering her house, they attacked her and demanded for money. When she resisted, they shot her and took away the money. It is an unspecified amount of money.

The commissioner of police personally went to the scene and summoned the Igbo community to his office and they had a thought-provoking but rewarding discussion.
According to reports; Mrs. Onunkwo was paid a huge amount of money for the supply of poultry feeds and that the killers might have got wind of it and followed her home to kill her and obtain the money.

Her second son, Macochukwu, 16, a senior secondary student of ICSS, Bauchi, escaped death by the whiskers after witnessing his mother’s killing. He had gone to open the gate for his mother when he saw two armed men walking towards his mother’s car as she waited for the teenager to open the pink iron gate. Their father was at Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church in Fadama Mada at the time. His mum had just closed from her business located in the area where she dealt in hybrid feeds.
“It was around 7: 15 pm in the evening. When the car horn sounded, I rushed to open the gate for her,” Maco recalled. He said he had just opened the gate for his mother to drive her Opel car inside the compound when he saw the men carrying guns walking towards his mother’s car.Daddy was not at home. He went to church. The two men were shouting, ‘where is the money? Where is the money,’ before they shot her at close range.
He said before they shot his mum, he said:

one of the men wanted to shoot me because I saw his face and I ran back to the house. Then I heard two gunshots. After they left, I went to my mother. She was unconscious and couldn’t talk. They shot her in the chest. Our neighbours came out. Then I ran to the church to tell my father.

The church service was midway when his son stormed the church, asking to see the father outside. The husband said:

I was a little bit surprised. I came out with him and asked him what the problem was and he told me. I rushed to my house and met my neighbour trying to drive out but didn’t know how to drive. I took the wheels and drove straight to the Tafawa Balewa Hosing Estate police station where I reported quickly before taking her to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi.

His wife died on their way to the hospital.
A distraught Leonard said his wife might have been killed out of envy. Hear him:

The world we are living in is so corrupt. When you are living fine, some people will not be happy. When you are not living fine as well, some people will be happy, some people will be unhappy.Though I am not suspecting anybody, I know that what happened was out of envy because she was progressing and her business was booming. It might even be because they saw how we were living in peace. In such a thing, somebody can like to put problem in one’s family.

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