Oscar Pistorius granted bail, Sentencing set for October 13th

Oscar Pistorius granted bail, Sentencing set for October 13th | ozara gossip

Oscar Pistorius faces from a ‘fine to 15 years in prison’ but the judge granted him bail extension today and asked him to go home.The judge didn’t believe he will attempt to run despite the fact that he’s sold all his property (to pay his legal fees). Oscar will remain in the custody of his uncle until October 13th when he will return to court for sentencing.

Yesterday He was found not guilty of premeditated murder and second degree murder because according to the judge, his conduct after the shooting was ‘inconsistent’ with someone who intended to commit murder. But he has been found guilty of manslaughter this morning. The judge said he acted negligently when he fired shots into the toilet door.

  • He was also found not guilty of the first firearm charge – (firing a gun through the roof of his car)
  • He was found not guilty of the third firearm charge (unlawfully possessing 38 rounds of ammunition at his home without having a license).
  • He was found guilty of the second firearm charge. He discharged a weapon in a public place, a restaurant called Tashas and asked his friend to take the blame.

The judge says Oscar was sufficiently trained in the use of firearms, so should not have asked for a firearm in a public place, and that no one submitted that there was an intention to pull the trigger, but that does not absolve him of the crime of negligently handling a firearm.

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