How this Woman Killed a Leopard With Spade after long hours of struggle

Attack: Kamla Devi Killed a Leopard With Spade - ozara gossip

Kamla Devi Receiving treatment after a long fight with Leopard

Kamla Devi, 54 year old Indian and a mother of one has massacred a leopard using only her farming tools after it attacked the her on her way home from farm. She was was attacked by the said leopard on her way home from the fields, but instead of surrendering her life to the animal, she fought back fiercely using a sickle and a small spade. The face-off between the woman and the leopard took about 60mins, with the leopard giving her deep body cuts and three fractures, making her to lose lots of blood by the time she could get help.

She is receiving treatment at a hospital now near her village in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand, northern India. 

However, the dead animal was found near Ms Devi’s village, Koti Bodna, in Rudarprayag, although it was later made known that it fled when it noticed that after fighting the helpless woman, it could not overpower her. A wildlife expert, Lakhpat Rawat was amazed at the bravery of the 54-year-old woman and also the minutes involved in the tussle between the woman and the animal. The expert said:“A leopard will back out from attack only when it finds the opposition is strong. Mostly the attack is limited to a few minutes, not more than 10 minutes. I also feel that the large number of injuries would have motivated the beast to continue attacking in the hope of killing the woman,” he said.

Lakhpat Rawat, Kamla Devi kills leopard - ozara gossipMs Devi, who is a widow, told local media that she remembers the entire fight, and how long it was. Medical staff said that although she was in stable condition, she had to have more than 100 stitches, suffering deep cuts on her head and legs. She is also being treated for two fractures on her right hand and one on her left.

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