I Don’t care; Minister who approved Patrick Sawyer’s trip to Nigeria

I Do not owe you any explanation; Minister who approved Patrick Sawyer's trip to Nigeria

The Liberian Finance Deputy Minister, Mr. Sebastian Muah Omar, has been on a criticism for approving  Patrick Sawyer’s trip to Nigeria, despite health officials placing him on Ebola danger list . In a heated conversation on Facebook as tracked by  ‘concerned Liberians.org’ ,Omar defended his action harshly .

Sebastian Muah: Omar you are being disingenuous with your last comments. The man was on NO watch list. I approved his travel. He emailed us several weeks earlier that his sister had died from the disease and that he had asked that his blood be taken for testing. That test result did not come back positive. So to say someone made him travel and exposed him to others is pure hate and mis-use of a tragedy that have somehow brought the message home to the many who are in denial of this deadly disease, which by the way has NO CURE.
5 hrs
Omar Tariq: Mr. Muah, well he lied to you that his blood test came back negative. Did you even ask for his official report of the blood test Sabastian? If his sister died from Ebola and he was in contact with her, your health official have advised that you be on a 21 day watch list, did you bother to ask Sabastian? You see you should have never responded because now there are questions to answer since you approved his travels. Again did you request a copy of his Blood test that ruled him out, because he lied to you.
Sebastian Muah: Am I a medical Doctor? I will respond when angry Liberians try to make an uncalled for statement about a tragic situation.

Omar Tariq: No shate the virus has NO CURE SABASTIAN MUAH, this is why as his superior you should have taken every precaution to limit his exposure to the public and your international partners.

Omar Tariq :Mr. Muah did you see his blood test results or did he just simple tell you it was negative? As his superior if a man tells you his sister died from ebola and he could have been exposed do you not think it is your duty to ask the hard questions or maybe you could have reported this to the health officials? Stop making silly excuses as to not being his doctors. This does not excuse you from asking the questions as a Government official that would safeguard the lives of our citizens and your International Partners. It is your duty, again Government official not wanting to go above and beyond his duty to safe guard our population.
Sebastian Muah: Omar Tariq a friend is dead, I DO NOT OWE YOU any explanation on your monday night quarter backing. POS was a public health practitioner if you MUST KNOW. The Uganda doctor was a MEDICAL DOCTOR if you again MUST KNOW. They are no longer. So the freaking issue is not why he lied or didn’t lie to travel. But how we address the freaking disease. IF you don’t have jack to say in that direction then frankly shut up on the subject.

Sebastian Muah: Don’t have time today frankly for your rants

Omar Tariq : Oh hell yes you do owe Liberians and the International community an explanation Sebastian Muah, this is the complete arrogance of you people in Government. How dare you tell us such nonsense. You have through your negligence of not asking the proper questions exposed others to such a horrible Virus and you on here talking bull. A friend is dead I am sorry but you have some answering to do since you want to brag that you approved his travels.
Sebastian Muah: they old people say empty drum can’t make noise. So you will be talking by yourself as I see you don’t know what you are talking about and as a matter of finding solution you DO NOT HAVE any but trying to find blame. WOW. Someone must have frustrated the hell out of you in Liberia O…. Take me to the international court since I am guilty of approving a travel.

I Do not owe you any explanation; Minister who approved Patrick Sawyer's trip to Nigeria

I Do not owe you any explanation; Minister who approved Patrick Sawyer's trip to Nigeria

I Do not owe you any explanation; Minister who approved Patrick Sawyer's trip to Nigeria

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