I hear say; Israel is set to shun Gaza talks

Israel is set to shun Gaza talks, ozara gossip

According to BBC NEWS Reports: 

The officials say Israel will finish destroying tunnels used by Palestinian militants and consider a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. The Israeli military said Israel was already close to its objective. Egypt was set to host talks. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said its truce plan was a chance to end bloodshed.

Exchanges are continuing in Gaza, as Israel continues to hunt for a soldier, Hadar Goldin, who went missing on Friday.

Hamas military wing the Qassam Brigades said it had no information about the fate of 2nd Lt Goldin, but that he may have been killed along with his captors in an Israeli bombardment.

Some 1,655 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 65 Israelis, all but two soldiers, have died in the conflict.

A Thai worker was also killed in Israel. Some 8,900 Palestinians have also been injured, the health ministry in Gaza says.

The BBC’s Bethany Bell in Jerusalem says that while Israel has not ruled out the possibility of a negotiated solution to this conflict, some believe it may also be considering a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, once it has destroyed the cross border tunnels and found the soldier.

Senior Israeli officials, quoted by the Israeli media, indicated no delegation would travel to Cairo for ceasefire talks until further notice, and that Israel would continue its operations until Hamas was unable to pose a threat.

“If we feel that deterrence has been achieved we’ll leave the Strip based on the principle of calm for calm,” one official told Haaretz newspaper.

‘Psychological defeat’
Meanwhile military spokesman Lt-Col Peter Lerner was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying: “Our understanding is that our objectives, most importantly the destruction of the tunnels, are close to completion.”

Hamas said it was indifferent to any Israeli decision to withdraw unilaterally.

“The occupation has to choose how it wishes to pay – it can stay in Gaza and pay the price, withdraw unilaterally and pay the price, or negotiate, and pay another price,” Palestinian media quoted spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhri as saying.

“In the coming hours we will be surprised to see the magnitude of the occupation’s psychological defeat.”

Palestinian and US delegations had been expected to arrive in Cairo on Saturday.

The Palestinian delegation was reported to include Hamas, which controls Gaza, Fatah and other factions.

The US team was expected to be led by Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.

Palestinian officials said that there had been a series of Israeli air strikes around Rafah since midnight, killing at least 35 people, and hitting homes, mosques and a university.

The IDF said the university housed a “weapons development centre” and that five mosques containing Hamas command and training facilities had been targeted.

Israeli media said that after a relatively quiet night, a number of rockets had been fired on Saturday morning, including at Tel Aviv.

Egypt’s state-run news agency Mena reported on Saturday that Egypt’s Rafah border crossing with Gaza had been reopened for humanitarian reasons, to help the casualties.

Israel began an aerial campaign on 8 July with the intention of halting rocket attacks from Gaza, and later launched ground operations to target rocket launching sites and tunnels use by militants to infiltrate Israel.

There have been numerous attempts to hold ceasefires but none have lasted, with both sides accusing each other of breaking the truces.

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