Na wao! …Wizkid replies Davido again

Na wao! ...Wizkid replies Davido again

I tell you! this issue going on between these two ”Nigerian Celebs” is really getting out of hand, I mind my own business but, I believe these two ”Afro-Pop Stars” knows what there are doing. You remember the last time they where in Benin Republic, acting up with their tongues out’ looking as if they were licking agbalumo.

Na wao! ...Wizkid replies Davido again

Only a few days ago ago they tweeted to each other, anonymous beef tweets, now Wizkid Replies again to Davido.

Na wao! ...Wizkid replies Davido again

Davido replied Wizkid last night threatening to use his hands on Wizkid, Wizkid then replied….You know Wiz is from the streets hence the laugh…..  Lol lets just say the beef is over I guess.

Tweets Below:

,Na wao! ...Wizkid replies Davido again

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  1. na una sabi ooo


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